The Best Inventory Listing Tool For Dealers in 21st Century

The Best Inventory Listing Tool For Dealers in 21st Century

Car sales are an important aspect of any business, but they are a tough market to break into. The good news is that you can now use Cars On Search to get an inventory listing tool that gets you found by the buyers who need it most.


Let’s face it, buyers have a new accessory at the end of their arm called the smartphone, and the substantial new trends show they are using them more than ever. The usage includes reviewing dealership inventory listing, car pricing, and availability.

If you are not found during this process, you do not even get a chance to make the sale. Cars On Search will help make those sales with the assistance of the CARS Tab on your business profile.

Cars On Search is a Direct Search, not SEO Marketing

Your dealership needs to start taking advantage of this trend of organic customer search. I am sure you are saying you already have a website, pay somebody for SEO marketing, and other advertising professionals are putting out information to drive potential customers to your business.

However, you need to get in front of this new trend with the Cars Tab, which is not an SEO product like many marketers are going to claim. Cars On Search offers an inventory listing tool called Cars Tab, which starts to appear for dealership’s business profiles to help get their new and used vehicles in front of the buyers using smartphone searches.

Local customers still prefer to shop local for many reasons, including the convenience of service issues and just being familiar with your brand. Families that have been in an area for some time have usually done business with a local dealership for more than one generation.

I know my family has done that as well. My Father shopped and purchased there, I also have, and now that my children are starting to buy automobiles, they start looking at the dealership they are familiar with.

Using our smartphones, we will look for a particular automobile inventory. My kids and I started the process using an online search at our favorite local dealership for the car we wanted to own.

What is the Best Inventory Listing Tool for My Dealership?

There are two ways to know what is the best inventory listing tool for your dealership:

The first step is finding out the availability of the model and trim package of the vehicle and the price. Next, we moved forward in the process once we found the car, and the shopping experience was pleasant.

We ended up going to our old favorite because they had the Cars Tab, and the process was simple and easy to follow. We called the dealership directly from the Cars Tab and set up an appointment to test drive the car.

I will tell you now that some of the dealership websites did not work well on mobile and were not a pleasant experience or easy to find a particular auto. Resulting in us not contacting those dealerships. Many buyers begin their purchasing process looking for a familiar local dealership and reviews and landing on your online business profile.

The inventory listing tool called Cars Tab will display your business hours, address, phone number if you have subscribed to it. This inventory listing tool will also provide you an easy-to-use with the pleasant buying experience, which will help you sell more cars.

Cars On Search can help you add that missing inventory listing tool to your business profile when you subscribe to your dealership.

Having a first-hand experience determines that compatibility. This is why Cars On Search wants you to try the Cars Tab Challenge for your dealership. Simply by using your cellphone, star finding your dealership and see if you have this inventory listing tool.

If you do not have it, contact Cars On Search, and we will work with you to create a live trial so that you can experience the process. Go to and give it a try.