Cars for Sale on Google My Business 101: Innovative Feature

Cars for Sale on Google My Business 101: Innovative Feature

Cars For Sale On Google My Business is an exclusive pilot auto program by Google as an innovative feature designed specifically for car dealerships to use on Google My Business.

This new feature allows auto dealerships to display their auto inventory on the dealership’s Business profiles right under a button called the cars tab.

The new feature brings the same functionality your buyers love on your website directly to the search results. Giving your customers to shop your dealership’s inventory directly from search results without leaving the Google search page by using your Google My Business profile. 

This new feature not only showcases your auto inventory directly on Google Search but also puts your auto dealership first by allowing your customers to do actions such as call, share, or visit a car listing directly on your website with no middleman getting in the way.

It allows your dealership to display its auto listings directly on search giving a new and easier way for your customers and buyers to find your auto dealership. 

What do Cars For Sale on Google My Business Look Like?

After activating the Cars For Sale Cars Tab on your Google My Business Profile you’re going to going to see the Cars Tab appear on mobile devices on the same line you would find reviews within your Google My Business Profile.

Your customer will be able to sort between new and used, the make, the model, and the trim level. They will be able to view all the information of each individual vehicle that you have. The photo gallery will be of the cars that you have, the car that they have selected.

They will also be able to look at all the attributes or all the information about the cars on mileage, price, ownership, and that kind of information. To see some live demos of Cars For Sale on Google my business visit Cars On Search

Is this a Free Feature from Google My Business?

Yes, you can go directly to Google, and avail of its free option. But you have to go to an application first with Google and have your development team set everything up.

You can apply for Google’s Pilot program by simply visiting their developers portal or you can use Cars On Search to get you started today by using Cars On Search.

Can I Display My New and Used Auto Inventory Inside the Business Profile on Cars For Sale on Google My Business?

Yes, you can display both new and used auto inventory for your auto dealership, and it will divide each of these categories out so your customers can easily sort them without leaving the search page. 

What if My Auto Dealership Only has Used Inventory, is that Possible to Display Just My Used Auto Inventory with Cars For Sale on Google My Business?

Yes, you can show the used cars without any problem. If we only get a used car inventory from you, then Google Cars For Sale On Your Business profile will only display the used car tab to your customers. 

How is My Auto dealership Inventory Gathered by Cars For Sale on Google My Business?

Google requires your auto inventory to be submitted by a feed in a certain format that their system understands. At Cars On Search, our team of developers has developed an algorithm that can gather your inventory from your website or by using a data feed from your auto inventory management system. This allows us to gather your information on a regular basis so that you are always displaying the freshest inventory possible.