Cars Tab: A Car Sales Manager’s Massive Dilemma in 2021

Cars Tab: A Car Sales Manager's Massive Dilemma in 2021

I recently saw the CARS Tab sales demonstration from Cars On Search for my dealership’s inventory listings. I noted that it was an auto inventory listing tool with a button located right within our local online business profile.

At first, I thought that there is not much to this process and I would be able to easily activate it myself. I went to the backside of our business profile where we do posts, photos, and product carousel and after an exhausting search, I never found how to activate the cars tab button.

Cars Tab: A Car Sales Manager's Massive Dilemma in 2021
Cars Tab needs the Algorithm from Cars On Search

It just was not there. upon further investigation, I discovered that an algorithm from Cars On Search had been created to work with our website using listing information provided by our dealership. Without this algorithm, the links cannot be created for the data feeds to our online business profile. Which then allows the CARS Tab to be turned on.

Additionally, I learned that all the searches are organic which means that all views from the tab do not cost more than just the monthly subscription. It was also pointed out that this is not an SEO optimization crapshoot where we hope to attract buyers using meta words. It is an actual direct search process that is located on the same business profile page where potential buyers will be looking at reviews for our dealership.

There are significate trends of buyers looking at business reviews especially for large purchases like a car so why not put the CARS Tab in front of them to see our listings. I believe this would be a great addition to the dealership for advertising. Today’s buyers want to be more informed on the cars they are looking to purchase, and they will be able to see all the new/used cars on the lot.

The CARS Tab will assist my sales team to direct the buyer in a non-high-pressure pitch. Salespeople can also use the cars tab to look at the exactly selected automobile with the buyer on their own mobile device.

Cars On Search is Not an Auto Inventory Management System

I have also learned that this is not an Auto Inventory Management System. It is just a simple information tab not requiring my staff to do anything more than supply the car data from our website team along with our picture gallery of each cat that we have taken. We will just need to sit back let the Cars On Search Algorithm do the work updating our listings every twenty-four hours and letting buyers discover our listings.

Cars On Search is not Pay Per Click Advertising

I believe that advertising costs will be reduced over time because of this tab resulting in more customer organic searches and not pay per click. Congratulations to Cars On Search for bringing this effective advertising tab to our attention. Plus, it is great that Cars On Search does not have contracts just a month-to-month subscription and we can cancel at any time without a penalty.

Cars On Search also has an inventory lot size pricing structure. Pricing is a flat rate with no additional charges with the lot sizes based on the number of cars for sale. Cars On Search understands that inventory fluctuates and we do not expect you to change your lot size payment classification when this does.

We consider this an honor system where we are not going to monitor your inventory feeds. We want you to grow with the use of the CARS Tab.

If you want to discover the CARS Tab go to to learn more.