Take the 5-Steps CARS Tab Challenge Today!

Take the 5-Steps CARS Tab Challenge Today!

If a potential customer doesn’t see your dealership in search results when looking for cars on their cell phone, they will likely buy from someone else. Cars On Search wants to help Auto Dealerships connect with more buyers by introducing them to “The CARS Tab Challenge.”


There is a shift in the way people are looking for cars. The majority of buyers turn to their cell phones to find and shop with local businesses, so your auto dealership must have an online presence that captures the attention of these consumers who are on the go.

Your auto-dealership is considered a local business and buyers looking for cars for sale using their cellular device are practically an extension of almost every consumer’s arm. People are looking at their phones all the time to stay connected and discover new information.

Cars On Search is aware that more than ever, with the COVID situation, American customers want to support and buy from local businesses. One of the most used functions is by looking at reviews for businesses they want to buy from. Not only how many good reviews you get but also how you handled the poor reviews. We all know that bad reviews come more easily from customers than good.

So your response is important to winning new customers. This topic can be an entire blog in itself. One quick note discovered while I was creating this blog was an article published 3/20/21 by websitebuilders.org about buyer trends. I wanted to emphasize how important the CARS tab’s location is on your business profile to reviews.

Take our CARS Tab challenge now!

How Cars Tab Challenge Works:

Recent statistics show 95% of shoppers are reading a posted reviews on a business before contacting them. Cars On Search realize buyers are right there and will discover with the CARS Tab and use it.

Cars On Search knows that this is a long way to state that the section where the cars tab is located when reviews are being looked at. It is in the same area, which allows the buyer to view your entire car inventory listings. Again with the Cars On Search algorithm, they can view without leaving the direct organic search.

Sure they could go to the website, but this cars tab’s organization will give the buyer all the information about your inventory. It will allow them a consistent buying experience, especially as more auto dealers add this effective advertising tool.

Why Do I Need to Take the CARS Tab Challenge?

Most auto dealerships do not even realize that they miss the CARS Tab within their business profile on search. Again the CARS Tab is a powerful section that lets buyers search, sort, and view your entire auto inventory without leaving your business profile in search results.

Regardless of your inventory size, allowing your auto dealership to get in front of more buyers by displaying your complete auto listings directly on search.

How to Take the CARS Tab Challenge

  1. Take your mobile phone out (it is only on mobile at this time)
  2. Open any web browser of your choice.
  3. Go to your business profile.
  4. Search for your auto dealership.
  5. Within your business profile, do you see the cars tab listed in line with your reviews?

If you do not see it, you can activate it by subscribing to Cars On Search.

Cars Tab Challenge: Before and After
Cars Tab as seen on the business profile before and after the Cars On Search subscription algorithm.

So you want to see it live before you commit? Cars on search offer a way in which you can view your auto dealership and its inventory online, hassle-free! Keep reading to find out more.

Want to See the CARS Tab Live Now?

Follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Get your mobile devices out (It is only available on mobile at this time.)
  2. Open any web browser you choose
  3. Go to a CarMax business profile.
  4. Search for CarMax in Loveland, Colorado (you can look at any CarMax in the country, they all have it!)
  5. Within their business profile, you will see the cars tab listed, and you can view its inventory live.

I Want to Take the Cars Tab Challenge. What’s Next?

Are you ready to turn your views into sales?

Go to the How It Works section of Cars On Search. There you will be able to see the easy signup process.

Pricing is structured for the size of your dealership. There is a plan whether you are a small, medium, or large lot. You will recognize the sales or marketing manager’s business profile page and think that you can activate yourself.

Please visit the blog,  A Car Sales Manager’s Dilemma, where they learn that the Cars On Search algorithm is required for it to be turned on.