The Cars On Search Story

How We Got Started

What is and how were Cars On Search created? Well, you must meet our sister company Simply Be Found to understand the plan of two small business owners that discovered a disconnect of local business getting online and local customers finding them. They understood the time constraints of business managers and owners using the complex tools available to businesses. The founders set out on their journey and created programs and algorithms that are simple to use for businesses or do not even require hands-on like Cars On Search.

Our Journey

While the founders were putting together the skeleton of Simply Be Found and were just about ready to present it to the world the CARS Tab was shown to them. The desire to assist local businesses of getting more eyes on them was given a twist and they started a parallel journey at the fork in the road. The CARS Tab currently only appears on mobile devices where buyers are referencing them more than ever finding company reviews, maps, phone numbers, and websites. So why not display a dealership’s entire listing inventory for the buyer to see as they are doing their online search while never having to leave search while finding a car. The algorithm lets the buyer find and connect with the dealership for no-pressure easy to use pleasant buying experience.

Our Values and Goals

Cars On Search is so confident in our algorithm effectively providing the listing inventory to buyers. The program is a Month-To-Month subscription without contracts creating an environment between us and your dealership where we are earning your business every month. The biggest concern we have faced is that Cars On Search looks too simple and there is nothing of value upfront. You must understand that we have created this algorithm up to be simple and virtually hands off for the dealership after the initial setup. The value is in the diligence of our programmers and developers providing quality and consistency from your data feeds to the online algorithm connected to the CARS tab. The backside of the program is where the work happens. In other words, the people behind the curtain make it easy for you and your staff to concentrate on selling cars and not advertising them. The founders have a unique chemistry and understanding of what is needed for local businesses. They always want to joke and have fun while providing the best products and experience for local dealerships in the ever-evolving world of advertising to local customers. We hope you will join us in our new car buying adventure.

About the Founders

Cars On Search Story - Founder

Dean Koehler

Founding Member

Dean is the old guy and jokester who started his life as a baby, but seriously he has had an entrepreneurial spirit for most of his life. He started this journey in the second grade selling Creepy Crawlers out of his desk before and after school, moving on to mowing lawns and delivering papers just to name a few of his adventures in his youth. While still in his teens, he became an investment partner in a wrestling mat manufacturing company before his journey into the corporate world. He has worked as a machinist, electronics technician, and after college pretended to be a production process engineer during his years in the corporate realm. However, like most entrepreneurial spirits he wanted to own and run his own business and has successfully done so for 30 years. Dean has always worked in durable goods but has now partnered and ventured into the frontier (for him) of online services. He brings a unique skill set of tying the creations of our developers to a simple traightforward advertising experience for time-constrained business owners and managers. 

Cars On Search Story - Founders

Rob Downey

Founding Member

Rob is the other jokester and rebel serial entrepreneur who has created and started over ten successful online businesses, assisted in multiple startups, grew up in the small business world drawing from the experience of being a fourth-generation entrepreneur and has sat on several businesses directing boards. Rob holds numerous professional certificates and credentials making him an expert and consultant for business advertising and marketing strategies for large corporations and small businesses. His programming and coding background is revolutionizing how developers working with him are changing their techniques minimizing the time needed to add, change, or pivot while optimizing programs and algorithms. Case in point, he was told that it would 2.5 years to create this program and here he is just 1 year later earning your business. He has the experience to meet and exceed the online advertising challenges for the local business.